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Think of Our Reality as a Radio Station

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Scientists have discovered that the earth vibrates at a frequency of 7.83 hertz (the Schumann Resonance), which is about half of the lowest note (16.4 hertz) that can be produced on a large pipe organ. This extremely low frequency, along with its overtones, or harmonic frequencies, is created and maintained by lightning that continually strikes all across our planet—millions of times each day or dozens of times each second!

This “Earth’s Heartbeat” can be compared to, from a wave-based perspective, the broadcast or “carrier” frequency of a radio station. For instance, if I dial up a classical music radio station at the bottom of the FM radio dial, my ears will hear music from ONLY that one station—broadcasting in my area at 89.9Mhz. I can’t hear the hip-hop, country or other music coming from the many stations broadcasting above or on either side of it, even though they are there.

If you stretch this analogy a bit and compare our reality to a radio station, then you can conceptually understand how multiple wave-based realities can exist on earth by vibrating at different frequencies. Whether humans have an internal receiver that can detect these multiple realities, such as with mediums who claim to see and hear departed loved ones standing near them, is another discussion topic.


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