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Dimensions Have Different Densities

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Just as multiple radio stations can co-exist in the same physical space around us, multiple wave-based realities can co-exist around us within our physical dimension, without being seen or heard. The "m" for harmonic number in the physics formula for standing wave vibrations on a string (see below) suggests that this could be true. This formula also suggests how multiple dimensions, in addition to realities, could co-exist in this same space.

Under the square root sign at the right-hand side of the formula is a ratio of tension (T) and density (u), or mass per unit length. Think of dimensions as being different strings on a guitar. Each guitar string has a different density "u" or thickness, and this makes it sound different from the others. However, if you shorten the string (i.e., change the tension "T") by pressing the string against a fret on the neck of the guitar, a denser string can now make the same sound as that coming from another string (i.e., dimension)—because the ratio of the tension and density of the two strings have become the same!

The implication of this concept is that multiple places, such as the etheric and astral dimensions metaphysical people talk about, or even heaven and hell in religious scripture, could exist—not in some remote corner of outer space but around us right here on earth!


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