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Learn More About Earth's Hidden Reality

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This compelling and richly footnoted book dares to challenge today’s materialist physics orthodoxy, which largely sidesteps serious study of the paranormal and dismisses the spirit world described in religious scripture as mythology. It does this by extending what people generally believe about physics, science, and reality, NOT contradicting it, and recommending experiments that could disprove what it claims to be true.


If you’ve struggled to come to grips with evidence of other worlds or realities, as the author has done over the past twenty years, you will appreciate Mark Hunter Brooks’ clear explanations showing how a fully wave-based model of physics can enhance the generally accepted particle-based worldview. Using dozens of detailed illustrations and prescient references from decades past as well as today, this book suggests how “otherworldly” phenomena, such as multiple dimensions, paranormal abilities, and biblical miracles, could not only exist but also align with Earth’s natural laws in a consistent, coherent way.

So, whether you approach this subject from a scientific or religious perspective, are skeptical of such things, or just curious, buckle your intellectual seatbelt for a journey through the mysteries of Earth’s Hidden Reality.   

“A fresh understanding about how physics works--in an infinitely more complex world”

“Shows how a simple shift in our perception of reality can change everything”

“A spiritual book containing objective information instead of subjective experiences”

You Should Read This Book If...

Understand Fully Wave-Based Concepts

The key to understanding Earth’s Hidden Reality is learning how a fully wave-based physics is fundamentally different from what is generally understood.  As you become more comfortable with thinking about the physical (and non-physical) world in terms of the action of waves, you will begin “seeing” the world from a wholly different perspective.

See Illustrations for Visual Learners

Even with my first book, creating meaningful illustrations were a significant part of the endeavor. People can understand complex ideas quicker if what they read is reinforced with visual examples. Here are some sample illustrations from the book that are used to help explain its concepts.

Validate the Book's Claims

SeHDI Inquiry is my answer to validating, or invalidating, the claims made in the book. It also enables readers to remain involved with the book's ideas and concepts, participating in efforts to test its ideas and concepts, and potentially develop wave-based technologies that can serve humanity. 

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A Message from the Author

This book presents an opportunity to unify the currently disparate worldviews of science, theology and metaphysics, which can lead to a more confident and more joyful world.


Earth's Hidden Reality

Essential Concepts...All in One Place

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