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About SeHDI Inquiry

My book, Earth’s Hidden Reality, sets forth the proposition that physics, and our reality, is fully wave-based. This idea was developed as a result of reading hundreds of books, and having hundreds of spiritual experiences, over a span of nearly twenty years. I realized during this time that, while a model could be developed that supports this idea, experiments to either prove or disprove it would also need to be conducted. Thus, the rationale for creating SeHDI Inquiry: to advocate for experiments indicating whether reality is fully wave-based. Suggestions for such experiments can be found in the book's appendix A.

If initial experimentation produces positive results, then SeHDI Inquiry will continue its exploration of this new world. Its first work would be to find a fully wave-based technology to benefit humanity. One possibility, a device that produces energy from earth's natural vibrations, could lessen our dependence on fossil fuels, and consequently reduce the global climate crisis. However, just as with the book's initial proposition, these ideas will need to be empirically tested, and this is why we need your support!

Learning through experimentation is one of the most challenging – and truly exciting – aspects of being a thinking person. Your interaction with SeHDI Inquiry, as well as your participation in the furtherance of its objectives, are welcome.

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