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"Science and religion are the two most important elements of man's civilization. The two are opposite phases of the same thing, but have pulled apart for centuries. To bring them together in a marriage of complete mutual cooperation and understanding would vastly uplift the whole human race. To accomplish this purpose, a scientific foundation is needed for religion and a spiritual foundation is needed for science."
     -   Walter Russell, spiritual philosopher, artist and author
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A Message from the Author

Finding a way to cross the centuries-old divide between science and religion remains one of this world’s most enduring challenges. The search for a bridge between the two is, at its core, a search for truth, and it is this truth that Earth’s Hidden Reality seeks to explore.  The book’s explanations, observations, and experiments represent steps along a path that ultimately leads to the unification of these two disparate worlds – and the world of metaphysics as well.

The Walter Russell quote above positions the science-religion dichotomy as "opposite phases," which meshes well with a concept presented in the book: that these two worlds or “realities” may be separate, but they co-exist with each other, as interpenetration describes in a fully wave-based interpretation of physics.  Seen this way, these two worldviews, as stated by Russell, may seem to be out of sync with each another but they are actually part of the same unified whole.

This book presents a paradigm that can bring these great worldviews and their associated belief systems together. Once accomplished, I believe this shared view of reality will give birth to a dramatically more confident and joyful world in which people will live with a sense of love for each other that can barely be imagined today.


If it is your desire to travel this road toward the convergence of science, religion, and metaphysics, I invite you to join me to undertake the journey together. With the publication of Earth’s Hidden Reality, I believe we have taken an important first step.

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